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Reviews for WALK WITH  ME :

Debra Schoenberger has captured glimpses of moments, which range from curious to interesting, and combined them into a book which induces emotions and thoughts. The book is as living as its material.  … Tonja

Schoenberger chooses to frame not only every day moments, but also colors that we often forget we see. Highlighting the rainbows present in our busy lives demonstrates to readers of her book that there is more to our life than those scheduled appointments and deadlines. We need to remember those colors, those giggles of children’s laughter, and soft touch of petals on our skin. We can breathe in the scent of life to calm us and look at our neighborhoods to find the humor lost in large window displays. … Serena

Many of the photographs show the normal within the oddity and vice versa. It may seem like randomness but truly, it feels familiar.  Often, it’s not the first impression image that has staying power; rather, it’s the picture within. … Kristine

I was reminded of all the little things we see throughout our day. All the little things that we so often ignore or go unnoticed. This book reminded me to take a moment to reflect on the beauty around me. … Frugal Girl

I always hear about towns and countries where you look past the touristy areas and meet the locals. I feel that is what Debra has done with her second street photography book.  If this book doesn’t inspire you to break out your camera  (even if it is on your cell phone) and take photos of things around you, I don’t know what will! … Leslie

I’ve reviewed Debra’s books before, and the one thing that has ALWAYS caught my eye, is how she can take something simple, that you pass by every day, and find the right angle / lighting / height to suddenly make it look magic, or to keep you looking. … Nicole

Debra’s collection is a pleasure to delve into and imagine the tales hidden in them. … Nimi

The images of the streets – you can almost hear the noise, smell the smells and feel the vibration of energy. Her images come alive in this book. Walk with Me is a beautiful display of Debra’s travels and the incredible experiences she has had. She captures raw and real moments, moments of laughter, hope and sometimes I feel of sadness. It reminded me to always stop and take in the beauty of each moment, as there is beauty in everything. … Carla

I’m not sure how she does it sometimes because I don’t immediately see the connections, but it works. It’s compelling and draws you into the scene she’s created. … Stephanie

She sees the details that we all seem to overlook. … Seaside Book 


Reviews for India:

Come with me to India!  From gypsies to princes, from monkeys to peacocks, I invite you to join me on my latest journey to this fascinating country.

This beautiful collection of images will steal your heart away with its warmth, compassion, sense of adventure and history. It will leave you wanting to pack your bags to escape to the beauty of India. … Carla

The photos show India today, its people: families, work, food, clothing, going about their daily lives, rather than Bollywood posing. In that sense, the book is so respectful and a quiet, mindful look at the place and the society. Because the author is in the background, her observant eye brings to light all of the color, humanity, history, religion, and diverse geography,…She has a few famous tourist sights but manages to capture them at dusk, so reader’s eye must fill in the details. It is almost like she is saying: Here is the outline, now go and find out the rest …  Colleen Tsoukalas

… it was Debra’s ability to capture the essence of light that drew my eye again and again, especially to the night scenes. I lingered over these, savoring the composition, the light. I could almost feel the velvety humidity on my skin. … Katherine

She also gives a glimpse of the human experience, which really takes this collection to the next level. … Sam

Through these captured moments, India comes to life in an amazing intensity, variety and beauty which can’t be captured by written descriptions. … Tonja

One thing which is unique about this book is Debra, unlike other photographers, didn’t strive to show only good about India and its culture, but she also focused on normal people. … Mahathi

The range of images truly captured the diversity of the land.  I want to put some of them up on the wall, or better yet, visit India myself. … Zerina

The photos are so evocative that you can almost smell the spices! … Jenna

Her photos are striking, some in their simplicity, some in the colorful settings, but my favorites are those of the people and the animals who share the same streets.  Ms. Schoenberger has caught their faces and their activities so well, you get the sense you are there in each frame. … Merry

There seems little that escapes Debra’s hungry camera and yet each photograph offers what one imagines to be but glimpses of India’s chaotic and diverse culture. … Laura

Other books that, I have, in the past, examined show only the tourist attractions around this land. I appreciate the effort the author went to in sharing the India she has grown to love. The pictorial nature of this book makes it perfect for any age reader regardless of reading skills. … Meagan

…she gives us a fascinating glimpse into the lives of ordinary Indians going about their normal lives, images most of us wouldn’t see even if we were to travel to India ourselves. … Lynda


Reviews for To Be a Child

Images of children at work and play in ten different countries including Mongolia, India, Turkey, China, Nepal and Tibet.  Documentary photographer Debra Schoenberger aka #girlwithcamera has travelled over 100,000 km to document and share the joy of play in its many forms around the world.

The girl with the camera has captured my heart in the photographs she has taken … Dhyvia 

In these images we discover a simple lesson: that pure childish innocence transcends borders, surmounts prejudices and overcomes boundaries … Agape 

Capturing the essence of what it is to be a child is not always easy but To Be A Child does exactly that. It’s stark imagery and unembellished view of childhood makes it stand out as unique in this Instagram filtered world. Capturing moments in children’s lives in vastly different conditions and environments helps us realize how small our world really is and how alike we truly are … Anne 

The innocence portrayed in the photographs are sure to touch your heart and will prove that no matter where they come from and no matter what their socioeconomic status is, that children are all the same.  Each and every picture tells a story and is unique … Amie 

While it’s short on text, it’s long on imagery. The expressions, laughter, emotions are all very poignant and capture a sense of wonderment that is from a child’s viewpoint. While the settings are from all over the world there is a universal quality that transcends race, ethnic background, culture or geographic locale. What the author has done is show how we are all connected, perhaps only once in our lifetime, as a child. Perhaps we should all get in touch with OUR inner child and enjoy life, if only for a little while … Grant

Being from the Asian subcontinent, I always wondered about the children from the other part of the planet. The book taught me one thing, no matter which part of the world it is, children will be children. The innocence of a child is simply the same all over the world. All the photos in the book seem to be a proof of that … Shree

The photographs by Debra Schoenberger brought a deluge of smiles and contemplative moments along with them … Patricia

She beautifully captures their innocence, their love and all of the things that matter to children … Carla

Debra Schoenberger has managed to tell one heck of a story without using any words at all … Teresa 

It is an education in itself just browsing through it … Alison

A joy to “read” … Leila


Reviews for Montreal

What truly made this book special is the photographer’s unique ability to notice all the little things that people walk by and miss, all the little details that form a culture and in essence, surround our lives … Agape

”Her pictures are so nuanced that you find yourself looking at them over and over, and seeing something new every time!” … BTHM

I also liked that the author didn’t do a touristy book. She did a story in pictures of Montreal as it lives and breathes and that was refreshing … Donna

“I wish I could plaster a bunch of Ms. Schoenberger’s photographs on the blog so you could see how wonderful real, regular life is” … Lu Ann

This book, in my opinion, is worth a look—or read—if you enjoy “reading” into pictures. I know I do … Alice

Unique sights not found anywhere else … Aurora